A00410 ADA Cosmo Mini 30 laser distance meter

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Working range 5mm up to 30m depending on lighting conditions

Accuracy: ±0.1mm per metre

Minimum unit of measurement: 1mm

IP54 rated resistant to dust and water

Dimensions 108 x 38 x 29 mm

Power source 2 x AAA batteries, included

Operating manual.

Please read the included manual before use

Never look directly into any laser beam

ADA Instruments are a world leader in terms of quality, durability and accuracy and all products come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. The ADA Cosmo Mini 30 is a compact easy to use meter which is packed with easy to use features

The meter has three buttons to access all the features

Button 1 turns the meter on and takes measurements when pressed

Button 2 lets you access the area and volume functions and toggles the measurement reference position between front and rear of the meter

Button 3 clears all stored data and turns the device off. There is also an auto turn off feature which shuts the Cosmo Mini 30 off after 3minutes of inactivity

The easy to read LCD screen is back lit allowing measurements to be read in the lowest of lighting conditions

The meter will take measurements at any angle from horizontal to vertical

By default the measurement reference point is from the back of the device but this can be changed to the front

A single press of the main button will generate a measurement from the reference position to the point where the laser beam is aimed

Holding the button down for 2 seconds will result in a continuously changing measurement being displayed

Holding the function button down for 2 seconds toggles the measurement reference position

The Cosmo Mini 30 calculates area and volume and also takes indirect measurements when direct measurements can’t be taken. This is achieved by taking two measurements to the same point from either end of the distance to measured and the meter uses Pythagorean calculations to determine the unknown distance

Bright lighting conditions can impact the performance of all laser devices making the beams appear dimmer. This can be mitigated by wearing ADA laser glasses. These glasses enhance the appearance of the laser beam in bright light making the beam more visible to the human eye. Please search for ADA A00126

For more information on ADA products click here to go to the ADA Youtube channel

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