ADA A00470 Cube 360 Ultimate edition twin green beam 360 degree laser level



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Working range: up to 20m without a laser receiver and up to 70m with a laser receiver

Accuracy: ±0.3mm per metre

Laser class: 2

Laser beam wavelength: 532nm, green

Number of laser beams: 1 horizontal and 1 vertical both covering 360 degrees

Tripod thread: ¼ inch

Laser intensifying glasses

Universal mount

Dimensions: 95mm x 95mm x 95mm

Weight: 0.39 grams

Self-levelling within 4 degrees of level

Power supply: 3 AA batteries, supplied

Operating life on one set of batteries: approximately 15 hours with both beams on

Operating temperature range:  -5 Celsius to +45 Celsius

IP rating: 54


Universal mount

Carrying bag

Never look directly into any laser beam


ADA Instruments are a world leader in terms of quality, durability and accuracy and all products come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Green laser beams are more visible in brighter lighting conditions than red laser beams

The Cube 2-360 extends the possibilities of the Cube range by emitting two laser beams, one horizontal with a 360-degree range and one vertical, again with a 360-degree operating range

Using a laser receiver extends the working distance of the level up to 70m making the level very versatile. Please contact us for details of a green beam laser receiver

The Cube 2-360 will self-level if placed within 4 degrees from horizontal. If placed outside this range the beams will flash, and an audio alarm will be sounded

This Ultimate edition includes a sturdy tripod which extends to 1.5m. A padded carrying bag is supplied to store the laser level and a sturdy blow moulded plastic carrying case is supplied to transport all the components

The expected operating time for a set of batteries is 15 hours although this can be extended when using just one beam and selecting the indoor mode; which dims the intensity of the beam

The beams can be switched on and off using a button on the top of the level. The button toggles through horizontal beam on only, vertical beam on only and both beams on

The self-levelling function can be turned off allowing the Cube 2-360 to be set at any angle allowing run off slopes or roofing lines to be set with complete accuracy

Bright lighting conditions can impact the performance of all laser devices making the beams appear dimmer

A pair of laser intensifying glasses is included in the Ultimate edition. The glasses are not a safety product and are designed to enhance the visibility of the laser beams in bright lighting conditions

The Ultimate edition also includes a Universal mount is an authorised reseller of ADA products. If you are interested in stocking ADA products, please use the details on the contacts page

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