ADA Instruments A00338 ADA Rotary 500 H servo laser level



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Working range: up to 500m with laser receiver

Accuracy: 0.15mm/m

Continuous working time: up to 30 hours

Rotational scanning range: 360 degrees

Number of lasers: 1

Laser class: 2

Laser light: 635nm red

Operating temperature range: -10 – + 40 Celsius

Automatic levelling

Power supply: 4 x AA batteries

Tripod thread: 5/8 inch

Dimensions: 190mm x 145mm x 166mm

Weight 1.2 Kg

ADA Instruments are a world leader in terms of quality, durability and accuracy. All products are rated IP54 (protected from dust and resistant to splashing with water) and come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

The Rotary 500H Servo is supplied with the following items:

Laser receiver, laser receiver mount, remote control, laser target, laser glasses, rechargeable AA batteries, power supply and impact resistant case

The Rotary 500H is as much a surveying tool as it a level to be used by many construction industry trades. It will prove invaluable when laying foundations and sloped water and foul water pipes

The Rotary 500H Servo emits a single 360 degree, horizontal red laser beam and can measure up to 500M when using the laser receiver. The Rotary 500H should be mounted on a suitable tripod before operating. We stock a range of ADA tripods and any of the following would be suitable:

A00177 light – S, A00179 light, A00178 strong S or A00180 strong

The laser receiver should be mounted on a levelling staff, supplied separately, please search our site for ADA A00230 telescopic aluminium levelling staff. The detector issues a slow series of beeps if the laser beam is too high, a series of rapid beeps if the beam is too low and a continuous sound when aligned

The laser has three rotating speeds 120rpm, 300rpm and 600rpm. After turning the Rotary 500H on the beam will rotate at 600RPM but can be adjusted using the speed button

The Rotary 500H is self-levelling within 5 degrees of level. If the device is operated outside this range a warning alarm is sounded and the beam flashes. When in manual mode the Servo 500H can be adjusted manually to up to ±5 degrees from horizontal in both horizontal X and Y planes

The drift warning function alerts the user to any movement in the position of the Rotary 500

The remote control will work up to 30 metres from the device but it must be pointing directly at the receiving window on the Rotary 500H to operate correctly

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Weight 1.50 kg




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