ADA Instruments A00385 ADA Cube 3D 3 beam laser level ultimate edition



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Working range 1cm up to 20m depending upon lighting conditions without a laser receiver and up to 70m depending on conditions with a laser receiver

Accuracy ±0.2mm per metre

Self-levelling within ±3 degrees of level

Laser class 2

Laser source 2 x 635nm red laser

IP54 rated resistant to dust and water

Tripod mount with ¼ inch thread

Operating temperature range -10 Celsius to +45 Celsius

Dimensions 65mm x 65mm x 65mm

Weight: 230g

Power supply: 2 x AA batteries, included

Universal clamp


Laser intensifying glasses

Carrying case

Operating manual

Never look directly into any laser beam

ADA Instruments are a world leader in terms of quality, durability and accuracy and all products come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Cube 3D generates levels in three planes, one horizontal and 2 vertical (front to rear and side to side)

The Cube 3D has an additional operating button which allows one or more of the levels to be turned off to extend the battery life. The button also allows connection with the laser receiver A00478

The body of the Cube 3D is coated with a rubberised material offering resistance to knocks and giving improved grip

The laser beams will self-level as long as the Cube 3D has been setup within 3 degrees of level. If the Cube 3D is not within the 3 degree compensation range the beams will flash and an audible alarm will sound. In this case adjust the Cube 3D until the flashing and alarm cease

Bright lighting conditions can impact the performance of all laser devices making the beams appear dimmer. This can be mitigated by wearing ADA laser glasses. These glasses enhance the appearance of the laser beam in bright light making the beam more visible to the human eye. is an authorised reseller of ADA products. If you are interested in stocking ADA products please use the details on the contacts page

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