ADA Instruments A00429 Cosmo 70 laser distance measure



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Maximum measurement 70m, depending on conditions

Minimum measurement 5mm

Accuracy ±1.5mm at 50m

Minimum unit of measurement 1mm

Class 2 laser < 1mW

Laser wavelength 635 nm, red

Functions: distance, are and volume

IP54 rated resistant to dust and water

Backlit LCD display

Auto shutoff after 3 minutes

Takes angular measurements

Measurement reference can be set to the rear or front of the measure

Hinged measurement bracket

Power supply 2 x AAA batteries

Dimensions 113mm x 47mm x 25mm

Weight 105 grams

Operating temperature range -10 Celsius to +50 Celsius

Never look directly into any laser beam

ADA Instruments are a world leader in terms of quality, durability and accuracy and all products come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Cosmo 70 includes a number of measurement functions. The measure will take individual distance measurements and by depressing the measure button for 2 seconds changes the measurement from single to constant. This allows you to scan an area by moving the Cosmo 70 up and down and left and right. Pressing the measure button after the scan will display longest and shortest distances and also the last linear distance allowing the user to take height from the measuring position

The Units button allows you to either add or subtract linear measurements

Pressing the button with the box image accesses the area and volume functions

Areas are calculated by taking two measurements at right angles. A subsequent area measurement can be subtracted from the first by pressing the Units button and taking second measurements at right angles

Indirect measurements can be calculated by taking two distance measurements while in the minimum/maximum function. The minimum measurement must be taken at right angles to the point of measurement. The measure is then rotated around a fixed point and the second measurement taken, displaying the indirect distance between the two points

The Timer function allows accurate measurement of longer distances as holding the measure still can be difficult in unfavourable conditions. The timer function gives you 5 seconds to place and hold the measure firm. When the 5 seconds is up an audible alarm is sounded. is an authorised reseller of ADA products. If you are interested in stocking ADA products please use the details on the contacts page

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